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The New Hacienda

Karen Witynski & Joe P. Carr
Gibbs Smith Publisher
Hardback $39.95; Paperback $19.95

Hidden in idyllic isolation, the haciendas of Old Mexico have long struck a romantic chord with their rich mix of myth, history, and impressive architecture. Today, these once-abandoned colonial treasures have surfaced in contemporary design, sparking widespread interest in their restoration.

Travel behind the scenes with authors Karen Witynski and Joe P. Carr as they open the doors to Mexico’s remote country estates and reveal innovative interiors, artifacts, and antiques that echo the hacienda’s original architectural splendor. Inside, ancient stone walls and arcaded portals are at home with modern art and colonial antiques. Cobbled courtyards and grand salons come alive with a spirited mix of once-forgotten objects and contemporary furniture.

Originally dedicated to coffee, sugar, mescal, henequen, and wheat production, haciendas have been transformed into myriad new roles—as country homes for artists, filmmakers, equestrians, and business entrepreneurs as well as eco-conscious resorts, art centers, riding schools, restaurants, and 21st century workspaces.

The hacienda lives on in the familiar use of natural materials and in the pared-down beauty of its interiors. Designers and architects have found inspiration in the visual culture of the hacienda and have integrated Mexican elements into new homes on both sides of the border. The New Hacienda offers a rich entrance to the world of Mexico’s country estates and their influence on contemporary design.

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