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Hacienda Courtyards

Karen Witynski & Joe P. Carr
Gibbs Smith Publisher,
Hardcover $21.95

Towering walls covered in flowing vines, carved stone columns, graceful arcades, tranquil water fountains and seductive palm-lined pools create the serene oasis that is the hacienda courtyard.

Discover the rich colors, natural textures and design details that define the alluring Mexican courtyard that is the heart of every hacienda home.

Hacienda Courtyards takes you on a behind-the-scenes tour of gracious outdoor living areas, from the Yucatan’s colonial estates to the centuries-old homes and haciendas of Morelia, Alamos and Oaxaca. Cobbled courtyards boast sculptural stone spheres, and breezy, hammock-strung portales reveal old stone pavers, handmade clay bricks and wooden beams.

Today, architects and designers are drawing inspiration from hacienda architecture and its age-old water heritage to create imaginative, secluded spaces: tiled wall fountains spill agua from old hacienda rain spouts into aquatic gardens with papyrus-filled stone feeding troughs. Swimming spaces include hacienda water tanks-turned-pools and a contemporary water space that flows beneath portal arches—allowing swimmers to encircle stone columns.

Explore the architectural elements, private water havens, furniture and garden vessels that will inspire you to create a courtyard paradise in your own home.

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